Bischoff Pelloux certified ISO 9001 - Incorporated in Bardot Group since 2014

Bardot Group

Bischoff Pelloux was incorporated to BARDOT GROUP last year further to the retirement of his now ex-manager Louis de COURVILLE. Bischoff Pelloux has reached a 35% growth in 2015 and is forecasting a similar growth in 2016. It reorganized its processes aiming to develop its own business while beeing the expertize center for cast urethane toolings and, as such, reinforcing the group’s autonomy. Those new processes have demonstrated their performance and have now been certified as per ISO9001:2008 and therefore meet its new customers expectations To do this, Again, this year investments shall be made in a second large 5 axis CNC mill with dimensions up to 5500 x 2000 x 1200. It also launched the construction of a new building to double the size of its offices and workshops. Specialized in prototypes, models and molds it will take advantage,in its new facilities of a new air-conditioned room fully dedicated to composite materials processing. Bischoff Pelloux has hired 5 people in 2015, and will hire five more in 2016. The highly qualified workforce is expected to reach 22 people by the end of 2016 ...

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