Guy Bardot wishes: In 2016 surprised our customers by our innovation and operational excellence !!

Subsea Umbilicals Risers Flowlines

2015 was again another bright year for business and development of our LowPex® Bardot group of companies, in a more than ever challenging economic environment on our core market, hydrocarbons submarines production. 

We, all together, have issued for delivered of goods, whether cast iron ballasts, bending restrictors in polyurethane or epoxy syntactic buoys, as well as composite tooling from our laboratory.

Together we have identified all the technical and operational challenges that have arisen, made largest and most clever SURF equipment of the world … And manufactured them in the most diverse places on the planet. 

At the same time we have prepared intensely 2016 by creating the Hydrodynamic team that we needed to develop dramatically our new range of SURF packages, which provides to our clients another way to face the new oil price economic environment. 

We kicked off our own incubator Spearhead for new concepts, which I am sure will develop today our most promising breakthrough innovations for tomorrow. 

2016 will be an hedge year for our company with large expectations form our clients.

The economic storm in our industry constitutes by itself in fact a huge opportunity for our Group, which own the innovative solutions to allow the Oil companies to continue to earn money in this challenging and special new environment.

BardotGroup have decide to adopt an aggressive strategy, betting on the maturity of our technology, improved patiently for several years and the contribution of our new offer SURF packages, very ambitious.

The oil and gas world needs the Bardot Group field proven  innovations to win today’s challenges! 

So in 2016 let’s surprised us, ourselves, and our customers by our innovation and operational excellence !!

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