Water intake riser pump water as deep as 1000m

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Floating, Production, Storage & Offloading (FPSO) & Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) units are incorporating various and complex systems for oil & gas processing and liquefaction operations. Water Intake Risers (WIR) are designed to supply the necessary volume and flow of cold water to cool down the various equipment onboard.
  • In order to improve the process efficiency, WIR designed by BARDOT GROUP are able to pump water as deep as 1000m and sustain the potential mechanical stresses created by currents, vibration and WIR structure’s weight.

    BARDOT Group developed an innovative and efficient solution of Deep Water WIR, combining:

    * High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes
    * Rubber Hoses
    * Riser seats
    * Strainer
    * Polyurethane tapers

  • High Ratio of Local Content

    Thanks to various manufacturing sites worldwide, BARDOT Group is able to produce WIR solutions close to where it is requested, and helps you optimize your local content and project logistic.

    Our expertise in composite manufacturing allows us to reach custom-made solution and flawless product quality, to deliver timely the best product to our clients.

  • BARDOT Group’s WIR are designed to be modular and lightweight to ease handling and improve installation steps. Thanks to smart & modular design, installation is adapted to the vessel’s constraints.

    A custom-made Installation Procedure is provided for each project of WIR to ensure the proper assembly of your equipment.

    Our engineers are also available for training and on-site monitoring of the installation, providing maximum support to our clients.

  • Custom-made design

    WIR are designed to fit your requirements of water depth, temperature, flow rate, and to accommodate the hydrodynamics stresses of your operation environment.


    Materials have been selected for their good behaviour over time. Our design conservatively considers end-of-life properties, and guarantees that no maintenance will be necessary.

    Light Structure

    The low weight of our WIR decreases the overall weight of the equipment, and allows the pumping at greater depth with less impact on Hull.

    Modular Structure

    The modular design of our WIR allows a quick on-board installation, through the vessel’s hull or aside hull with optimized installation facilities.

    Modular strapping systems

    Our wide range of strapping systems provides adapted solutions to fit with your environmental loads and project life.

    Compliance to standards

    Designed with respect of international offshore standards, especially API17-L1 and API17-L2.

Bardot Group provides a full service package including design, engineering and procurement for WIR and all SURF systems.

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